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Image result for phpINTRODUCTIN OF PHP 5.6

Emulate sorts in the CLI web server

Emulate sorts in PHP can be utilized to yield content as a sort other than PHP, that is, as a sort other than content/html. When you run a PHP page, the default yield is content/html, however you can utilize headers to set it as, PDF and create PDF documents. At the point when a server knows about various MIME sorts, as most servers like HHVM, Apache and Nginx normally are, they know how to serve a given record as a matter of course, in light of its augmentation, without you setting particular directions in PHP itself. The order line server from PHP 5.4 had just a couple MIME sorts up until now, and this adaptation will present handfuls more. It’s protected to state that all the basic MIME sorts will be canvassed by the inherent PHP server now. Read the rest of this entry »


PHP’s advanced OOP features

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Related imageIntroducing several of PHP’s more advanced OOP features

Object cloning: One of the major improvements to PHP’s object-oriented model in version 5 is the treatment of all objects as references rather than values. However, howdo you go about creating a copy of an Read the rest of this entry »

Joomla CMS Core Features

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Image result for joomla in cmsJoomla CMS Core Features Overview.

Joomla Features Summary

  • Totally database driven site motors
  • News, items, or administrations areas completely editable and sensible
  • Points segments can be added to by contributing Authors

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Advantages of PHP MySQL

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Image result for Advantages of PHP MySQLAdvantages of PHP MySQL

What are the advantages of utilizing PHP MySQL Development Services?

With the expanded utilization of web, the sites has turned into an indispensable part for organizations over the globe. Presently a-days for the improvement of vigorous and element sites or web applications the most intense instrument PHP MYSQL is very Read the rest of this entry »


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All site developers are assembled in an unexpected way – each has its own particular advantages and disadvantages. Some are less demanding, some are all the more difficult. Read the rest of this entry »

Insert Data & Fetch Data

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ddsgInsert Data & Fetch Data

Insert data and fetch data from database…

To create a form to insert the values in database we need 3 things


Php (or any midway language like java etc) Read the rest of this entry »

jQuery Selectors

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hfghfhjQuery Selectors

jQuery helps to select the html tags and we can perform any kind of function on them and Can control them.

jQuery selectors are used to “find” (or select) HTML elements with help of  their id, class,tag name and much more.selectors start with the dollar sign in jquery: $(). Read the rest of this entry »