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  • A working PHP-bolstered database, on the off chance that you plan to utilize one ( For instance MySQL, Prophet and so on )
  • Any other upheld programming to which PHP must associate (mail server, BCMath bundle, JDK, et cetera)
  • An ANSI C compiler

  • Gnu make utility – you can openly download it at Presently here are the means to introduce Apache and PHP5 on your Linux or Unix machine. In the event that your PHP or Apache forms are distinctive, then please take mind as needs be.
  • If you haven’t officially done as such, unfasten and untar your Apache source circulation. Unless you have motivation to do something else,/usr/neighborhood is the standard place. gunzip – c apache_1.3.x.tar.gz tar – xvf apache_1.3.x.tar
  • Build the apache Server as takes after disc apache_1.3.x ./arrange – prefix=/usr/nearby/apache – empower so make make introduce
  • Unzip and untar your PHP source appropriation. Unless you have motivation to do something else,/usr/neighborhood is the standard place.

gunzip – c php-5.x.tar.gz

tar – xvf php-5.x.tar

album php-5.x

  • Configure and Build your PHP, expecting you are utilizing MySQL database.

./design – with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs \

– with-mysql=/usr/receptacle/mysql make

make introduce

  • Install the php.ini record. Alter this record to get setup mandates:

compact disc ../php-5.x

cp php.ini-dist/usr/nearby/lib/php.ini

  • Tell your Apache server where you need to serve documents from, and what extension(s) you need to recognize PHP documents. .php is the standard, however you can utilize .html, .phtml, on the other hand whatever you need.

o Go to your HTTP arrangement documents (/usr/neighborhood/apache/conf or whatever your way is)

o Open httpd.conf with a word processor.


o Search for the word DocumentRoot (which ought to show up twice), and change both ways to the index you need to serve documents out of (in our case,/home/httpd). We suggest a home index as opposed to the default/usr/nearby/apache/htdocs on the grounds that it is more secure, however it doesn.t must be in a home registry. You will keep all your PHP documents in this catalog.

  • Add no less than one PHP expansion order, as appeared in the primary line of code that takes after. In the second line, additionally added a moment handler to have all HTML documents parsed as PHP

AddType application/x-httpd .php

AddType application/x-httpd-php .html

  • Restart your server. Each time you change your HTTP setup or php.ini records, you should stop and begin your server once more.

album ../container

./apachectl begin

  • Set the report root catalog authorizations to world-executable. The genuine PHP records in the catalog require just be world-decipherable (644). On the off chance that vital, supplant /home/httpd with your report root underneath:

chmod 755/home/httpd/html/php

  • Open a content manager. Sort: <?phpphpinfo(); ?>. Spare this document in your Web server’s report root as info.php.

For more details and queries please feel free to email, visit or call us. Wishing you the very best for all your future endeavors.

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