PHP’s advanced OOP features

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Related imageIntroducing several of PHP’s more advanced OOP features

Object cloning: One of the major improvements to PHP’s object-oriented model in version 5 is the treatment of all objects as references rather than values. However, howdo you go about creating a copy of an object if all objects are treated as references? By cloning the object.

Inheritance: As discussed in Chapter 6, the ability to build class hierarchies through inheritance is a fundamental OOP concept. This chapter introduces PHP’sinheritance features and syntax, and it includes several examples that demonstrate this key OOP feature.

Interfaces: An interface is a collection of unimplemented method definitions and constants that serves as a class blueprint. Interfaces define exactly what can be done with the class, without getting bogged down in implementation-specific details. This chapter introduces PHP’s interface support and offers several examples demonstrating this powerful OOP feature.

Abstract classes: An abstract class is a class that cannot be instantiated. Abstract classes are intended to be inherited by a class that can be instantiated, better known as a concrete class. Abstract classes can be fully implemented, partially implemented, or not implemented at all. This chapter presents general concepts surrounding abstract classes, coupled with an introduction to PHP’s class abstraction capabilities.

Namespaces: Namespaces help you to more effectively manage your code base by compartmentalizing various libraries and classes according to context. In this

Advanced OOP Features Not Supported by PHP

If you have experience in other object-oriented languages, you might be scratching your head over why The previous list of features doesn’t include certain OOP features supported by other programming Languages. The reason might well be that PHP doesn’t support those features. To save you from further Wonderment, the following list enumerates the advanced OOP features that are not supported by PHP and thus are not covered in this:

Method overloading: The ability to implement polymorphism through method overloading is not supported by PHP and probably never will be.

Operator overloading: The ability to assign additional meanings to operators based upon the type of data you’re attempting to modify is currently not supported by PHP. Based on discussions found in the PHP developer’s mailing list, it is unlikely that this feature will ever be implemented.

Multiple inheritance: PHP does not support multiple inheritance. Implementation of multiple interfaces is supported, however. Only time will tell whether any or all of these features will be supported in future versions of PHP.

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