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phpMyAdmin can deal with an entire MySQL server (needs a super-client) and in addition a solitary database. To finish the last you’ll require a legitimately set up MySQL client who can read/compose just the craved database. It’s dependent upon you to look into the proper part in the MySQL manual.

Upheld highlights

As of now phpMyAdmin can:

  • browse and drop databases, tables, perspectives, sections and records
  • display various outcomes sets through put away methods or inquiries
  • create, duplicate, drop, rename and change databases, tables, sections and records
  • maintenance server, databases and tables, with recommendations on server arrangement
  • execute, alter and bookmark any SQL-articulation, even bunch inquiries
  • load content documents into tables
  • create and read dumps of tables
  • export information to different organizations: CSV, XML, PDF, ISO/IEC 26300 – OpenDocument Text and Spreadsheet, Microsoft Word 2000, and LATEX groups
  • import information and MySQL structures from OpenDocument spreadsheets, and additionally XML, CSV, and SQL documents
  • administer different servers
  • manage MySQL clients and benefits
  • check referential respectability in MyISAM tables
  • using Query-by-illustration (QBE), make complex inquiries consequently associating required tables
  • create PDF representation of your database format
  • search comprehensively in a database or a subset of it
  • transform put away information into any configuration utilizing an arrangement of predefined capacities, such as showing BLOB-information as picture or download-interface
  • track changes on databases, tables and perspectives
  • support InnoDB tables and remote keys
  • support mysqli, the enhanced MySQL augmentation see 1.17 Which Database adaptations does phpMyAdmin bolster?
  • create, alter, call, fare and drop put away systems and capacities
  • create, alter, fare and drop occasions and triggers
  • communicate in 80 distinct dialects

Alternate route keys

Right now phpMyAdmin underpins taking after alternate routes:

  • k – Toggle comfort
  • h – Go to landing page
  • s – Open settings
  • d + s – Go to database structure (Provided you are in database related page)
  • d + f – Search database (Provided you are in database related page)
  • t + s – Go to table structure (Provided you are in table related page)
  • t + f – Search table (Provided you are in table related page)
  • backspace – Takes you to more established page.

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