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Why might anybody create cross stage PHP applications for the desktop?

Why not settle on something that can really tie into the low level APIs of the working framework, similar to Adobe AIR? Why not run with something obsolete and bloated but rather dependable, similar to Java? Why not make it a Chrome application and on the off chance that you require local support, utilize Native Client? For hell’s sake, in the event that you need a scripting dialect, why not simply run with Python? Everything goes, the length of we abstain from bundling a server with everything, isn’t that so?

Off the highest point of my head, I can think about a few implausible situations:

1. You need a decent center ground between simple sentence structure and great structure, which is PHP, and you can’t be tried to learn new dialects like ActionScript.

2. You’re running IT in an organization with exceedingly PC ignorant individuals, and the best way to constrain them into utilizing a decent program for your organization application is to insert it into the application you convey. It’s still a web application, yet opens in a headless Chrome!

3. You need to abstain from paying facilitating costs for your very own application, and you get a kick out of the chance to convey it with you on a USB stick. You simply connect it to, run it, and your application is there – utilizing the same SQLite DB from some time recently. On the off chance that you have to adjust on the web, you send the entire DB fare to Dropbox or some such administration at the snap of a catch, consequently ensuring you’re actually the special case who can get to your web application even without your PC.

4. You needn’t bother with low level OS API get to – you simply need to make a program based amusement, or a partner application, or something comparatively straightforward. PHP is splendidly fine for that, and you definitely know the dialect.

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