Joomla Installation

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Joomla Installation :-

Joomla is power full cms which is use for develop shopping website. There are many extensions use to make quick web applications like job portal , social sites, bank sites, blog sites and many more.

Its work on the mvc which is stands for model view controller :

Model : where you can write the query and talk with the database you can send and recive the data from the database with the help of queries all queries are in model. base you can send and recive the data from the database with the help of queries all queries are in model.

View : view contain the html code and php code which is the user end view where user can read and give the input to the controller and controller send the request to the model and model communicate with data base as earlier define.

Controller: controller is define as its name its control the input and produce the output like I can say it get the value form the view and send to the data base its work as inter mediator between model and view.

Now move to the next part  to understand the joomla

We know about the joomla is cms use to develop the website in short time lets talk about the how to install the joomla?

Download joomla files from the joomla official website.

Unzip the folder and change the name of the folder.

Then past the folder into the your www folder.

Now open the browser window .

Write the localhost and find the website.

Now you see the first screen of the installation


Here you see the installation language and site name and description of the website. On the left hand side you see the admin email and admin username and password and confirm password which is use when you login into the admin the end of the page you will see the site offline button which is use when your website is offline. When you are working your website is offline and you can set it from the  global configuration.

Now move to the next page which is database setting where you see the name of the database and database settings.


This is the second step where you can select the database type which can be mysql and your hostname which is localhost if you work offline then username in offline case username is root and password is blank and then database name which you created on the mysql php my admin and the use the table prefix if you want. If the database is exist it can be backup and remove as you select the option.

3rd step to check the configuration and proceed to install the joomla.


And click on the next now your installation is start if your installation is stop in between check the execution time and upload max size.

And after install the joomla it show you to remove the installation folder because another one cant install the joomla again and destroy your setting and data.


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