Image and Video Function

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Why we use image and video?

We use only text in our now we are going to use images and video in our webpage. We can make our webpage more interactive and understand able so that user understand what we want to say imagine news paper without images it seems very boring so we use images but in we use images and videos to make page more interactive and understandable.

Multimedia is the very good way to provide knowledge to user. End user easy learn from the images and video instead of text how we use images and video?

With the help of html tags we can insert the image and video into the webpage.< img> and <video> tags are use to insert the images and videos.

Image tag attributes?

Src: src tell the path to the tag where the image is placed and image name+ extensions.

Alt: alt show if browser can’t find the image.

Height width: it set the size of image.

Title: it show the message when we hover(is effect when our mouse cursor move on element) on the image.


 Use of to many images slow your website so avoid large and to many images.

 If the image same with the page we create then write only name if it is in another folder just give the path of that folder and then write the name of the file with extension.

 We can give width in % for the responsive websites instead of px.

Syntax :

< img src = “ path if any have/imagename.extension “ height = “ in px “ width = “ in px “ alt = “text here “ title = “ text here you want to display on hover “ / >


< img src = “ images/a.jpg “ height = “ 20px “ width = “ 20px “ alt = “ sorry image is not available “ title = “ come to learn “ / >


Video is the collection of moving images. Video is very effective way to express any thing very fast instead of text and images. Students can learn easy and fast with the help video tutorials.

Attributes of video

Autoplay: this attribute play the video automatically when page is load.

Controls: it show the video controls buttons on the video.

Loop : it repeat the video after end..

Muted : it mute the audio from the video.

Height and width : we can set the video fram size by setting of video height and width.

Src : it tell the path of the video.

Type: it tell the type of video.

Syntax :

< video width = “ in px“  height = “ in px“  controls>

< source src = “ path/video name.extension “  type = “ type of video “ >

< /video>


   < video width = “ 320 “  height = “ 240 “  controls>

  < source src = “ “  type       = “ video/mp4 “ >

    Your browser does not support the video tag.

< /video>

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