HTML Basic Tags

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HTML Basic Tags

Html use tags to communicate with the browsers tag start with< tagname > and end with < /tagname >. Like every language have some format like in English language we are use a format to write some thing like hello dear how are you? We cant write dear how hello you are? Because it have some order some format same in html we have some order and some structure we are use. We discus it in introduction part so we moving on the tags how can we write the tag and how we can use the tags?

We can write the tag with angular brackets (< >) or we can say less than greater than sine. The tag ends with / sine . Syntax:

< tag__name >content here < /tag__name >


< p >hello dear this tag is use for write paragraph< /p >

Tags categories:

We divide the tags in category so we can easy manage it ..

 Pair tag(container tags)

 Un-pair tag(non container or single tags)

Pair tags(container tag): its come in pair like our shoe, ear ring , socks it is combination of two tags one is open and one is close tag.lets take a simple example of box where we put some water its square format with semi transparent color red we all know that if box is square our water shape fit in square with color red if we putt water in circle or round shape it contain the round or circle shape. If we open any two side of the box. water shape damage same in html tags we are use many types of tags they give some shape to the content if we open one side of the tag the content shape effects on others. So we must close the tags.

Example of pair tag:

< h1 >hello dear I am heading tag< /h1 >

Notice: We close the pair tags like box into box.

Un-pair tag(single tag): its single tag no need to close that laptop need only one charger to charge the laptop.

For example:

< br/ >

Xhtml standard say we have to close all tags pair or un-pair like in above example I close the tag with ‘/’ .

Before learn about the tags we know about the tag properties:

1. Inline Tag : Inline tags contain only width of content. If we add another content its shift to the left side of the content.

2. Block Tag: Block tag block the whole body width. If we add another content its shift to the next line.

Now we come on the tags

Heading tags: Heading tags are use for give the heading to the content. In html we have 6 type of headings h1-h6 . Heading tag is block tag. H1 with large size and h2 with large size but less than h1 and so on and h6 is the smallest size.

Example :

< h1 >hello dear I am h1 tag< /h1 >

Paragraph Tag: paragraph tag is use to write a paragraph we are use ‘p’ tag its is pair and block tag.

Example :

< p >hello dear I am p tag < /p >

Span Tag: Span tag same as the p tag but the main difference is span tag is inline tag span tag mostly use in display error messages.

Example :

< span >hello dear I am span tag< /span >

Formatting Tag: Formatting tags are use for give the effect to the text. Like bold , italic , sub , power , line throw text , under line etc.

 < b > hey I am bold < /b > == hey I am bold

 < i >hey I am italic< i > == hey I am italic

 < u >hey I am under line< /u > == hey I am under line

 < p >h< sub >2< /sub >o< /p > == h2o

 < p >10< sup >th< /sup >< p > == 10th

 < del > I deleted < /del > == I deleted

 < s >same as del< /s > == same as del

Pre tag: we can understand with the name of the tag pre means we set the format as first it show as its on the site when we check on the browser.

Example :

< pre >






< /pre >

Its show the same output on the screen.

Quotes Tag: it is use to show the quotes on the text. q is use to show the quotes.

Example :

< q >hello dear I am under quotes< /q > = “hello dear I am under quotes”

Break Tag: It is use to break the line and shift the content to the next line. it is un-pair tag.

< p >hello dear how are you < br/ > I am fine thank you< /p >

Horizontal line: It is use to show the horizontal line in the content we use hr tag.

< p >hello dear how are you< hr/ >I am fine thank you< p >

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