Notification of the Facebook

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Notification of the Facebook

Logic tips of notification of the Facebook 

Facebook is very famous social site which we are use every day. We see notification and count of the notification here I am tell the count logic of the notification.

Just think how its work

When any one post something on the facebook it show us the number count of notification and when we click on the notification icon it reset the count.

Now first how it show the count of the notification on the notification icon.

When a user login to the id of facebook it check the time he/she last click on the notification icon and current time and calculate the activities which happens in that time. Store the notification into the notification table . And with the help of php function Myslqi_num_rows() it calculate the number of rows between current time and last click time.

And show the number on the notification icon.

When a user click on the icon it update the last time and again chain is running.

This is the logic behind the notification count. It can happen with Ajax .


My last click on the notification is 10:00 am and now in my table store the 10:00 as last time if any buddy add new post,picture etc it save time of the post and post which user add.

Now when I open my id at 10:30 it calculate the current time which is 10:30 am and check the last time I clicked on notification icon.

Fetch the all notification between timing 10:00 am to 10:30 am and using the Mysqli_num_row(); it calculate the numbers of rows available and we display the value on the notification icon.

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