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What is AJAX ?

Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And Xml. It is use to communicate with database basically when we use the forms into the website it submit the value and refresh the whole page.and effects the other page content too and again values refreshes.but with the help of ajax we can submit retrieve the values form the data base without effects the other page content most over websites are use the concept ajax into the website most famous social website use the ajax in charting refreshing friend list and request send time.

How the AJAX is working??

It accept the value form the user from html and pass to the Jquery with help of id class or tags and collect the value from the user and send it to the php file php file get the value and perform the action which we want to perform by the code.

Like spouse we want to insert the value by through the ajax.we create a text box and a button get the value from the text box by clicking on the button and pass the value to the php code with help of ajax and run the query of insert.

Some Parts of AJAX :-

Type: It’s the way to pass the value from the Jquery to the php two types (get,post).

URL: URL is the location where we want to send the values.(insert_val.php).

Data: Data is the value which we want to send to the page.

Success: function():its run after the ajax is worked.it may show the result and show output.

Syntax of ajax



Var a=$(“#abc”).val();







Alert(“ajax is working”);//

Here can I also display the output of php

Like // $(“#anyid_of_tag”).html(data);//data is send or output form the php file it show in

the id which we describe.




This is the way to work with ajax.

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