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What is WordPress?

We are use to distributes the information, online business and many more things every day using digital way which is most popular websites. There are 1000000 websites which are developed in some language like asp.net,java,php etc. the developer use the coding and make logics write into the text editor. but the cms is the way to make website very easy anybody can make the website without the knowing the internal code of the website. CMS stands for content management system. WordPress is the CMS basically use for the blog websites.we can develop website in wordpress with drag and drop change themes of the websites with one click.

Benefits of wrodpress?

  •  Easy to develop the website.
  •  Easy to Upload content.
  •  User friendly.
  •  Open source.
  •  Free available on net.
  •  Time saver.
  •  Interactive plug-ins.
  •  Easy make pages and posts.
  •  Interactive inbuilt functions.

How to install?

The next step is how to install the wordpress.its very easy to install the wordpress just download it from wordpress.org and it’s the zip file unzip it give a name and same it into the www folder.now the next step is

  •  Open the localhost.
  •  Open the site of wordpress.
  •  Very first step is chose the language.
  •  It will inform about database name root name username,password etc.
  •  The next step is create the database in phpmyadmin .
  •  Then click on lets go!.
  •  The next page is database information like database name,username,password,host,table
  • prefix.
  •  The table prefix is the fix character which we define in the text box and always add before the
  • table name.
  •  Fill the information and submit the information about the database.
  •  The second step is click on run the install.
  •  Fill the information about the website.
  •  Like site title username,password,email for recover the password and connect with the account.
  •  After fill the information click on install the wordpress.
  •  Next step is login page enter the username and password and you will see the dashboard where
  • you can work.

For more details and queries please feel free to email, visit or call us. Wishing you the very best for all your future endeavors.

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