PHP Inbuilt Functions

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PHP Functions

Php have many inbuilt function which increase the power of php. It has more than 1000 built-in functions.

PHP User Defined Functions

  • We can make own function beside inbuilt function.
  • A function is repeatedly in a program it is set of statements.
  • A function will not loads automatic when page load.
  • It will execute only when we call.
  • Create a User Defined Function in PHP

A function is declare with help of thekeyword “function”:


function functionName() {
    code to be executed;

Note: function can start with alphabet and underscore not with a number.

In the example below, we create a function named “writeMsg()”. The opening curly brace ( { ) indicates the beginning of the function code and the closing curly brace ( } ) indicates the end of the function. The function outputs “Hello world!”. To call the function, just write function name:


function writeMsg() {
echo “Hello world!”;

writeMsg(); // call the function

PHP Function Arguments

Information can be passed to functions through variables are known as arguments.

Arguments are declare in brackets with function name.we can add more arguments with help of comas.

The following example has a function with one argument ($fname). When the familyName() function is called, we also pass along a name (e.g. Jani), and the name is used inside the function, which outputs several different first names, but an equal last name:


function familyName($fname) {
echo “$fnameRefsnes.<br>”;

familyName(“Kai Jim”);

The following example has a function with two arguments ($fname and $year):


function familyName($fname, $year) {
echo “$fnameRefsnes. Born in $year <br>”;

familyName(“Hege”, “1975”);
familyName(“Stale”, “1978”);
familyName(“Kai Jim”, “1983”);

PHP Default Argument Value

The following example shows how to use a default parameter. If we call the function setHeight() without arguments it takes the default value as argument:


function setHeight($minheight = 50) {
echo “The height is : $minheight<br>”;

setHeight(); // will use the default value of 50

PHP Functions – Returning values

To let a function return a value, use the return statement:


function sum($x, $y) {
$z = $x + $y;
return $z;

echo “5 + 10 = ” . sum(5, 10) . “<br>”;
echo “7 + 13 = ” . sum(7, 13) . “<br>”;
echo “2 + 4 = ” . sum(2, 4);

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