PHP Functions

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hjhjhLets know about php functions:

The $_POST Function:

The built-in $_POST function is used to collect values from a form and send to the php code it can send unlimited data its secure because data is not show in the url.




 The $_GET Function:

$_GET is the inbuilt function is use to send the data which is submitted by the form.  It show the data into the url and can carry limited data.


$_GET[‘input type name’];

How can we get the value on another page.

$variable_name=$_GET[‘which value we pass in url’];

The $_REQUEST Function: is use for both post and get if we don’t know what we declare in the form method we can use the $_REQUEST[‘’]; method and get the value.


            $_REQUEST[‘tag name’];

 Header(): function is use to redirect on the another page



Session: is the inbuilt method or function which is use to set the and maintain the area where user can work I use in the project when user enter a session is set automatically.we have to start the session on every page where we want to maintain it.



 How to start session??




how to destroy session??


Session_destroy ();



Isset(): Isset is the function which check the submit button is set means is clicked or the session is set. Isset function is very useful to check the value is set or not.



Like :



                                    Echo “button is clicked”;


Its works when user click on submit button and button name should be submit which we are use in $_POST[‘button_name’];

Date(): date function is use for show the date and time.


            Echo date(‘display format’);

Include function: include function is use for include the another file.

Require function: require function is use for include the another file but the difference is include throw warning and continue the execution of the program but require throw the error.

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