What are Tables?

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hgjghjghjWhat are Tables?

Tables use for give the structure to the form and page.we can create tables In html using the  table tag <table>.

Cell:-Cell is the box where we enter the data or data field is known as cell.

Border:-We can give the table border to the table with declare border=”1px” into the table tag.

Like :- <table border=”1px”> its show the table border.

Cellpadding:- We can give the cell padding to the table cells. by cell padding we can give the distance to

the text from the cell border.

Eg. <table cellpadding=”5px”>

HTML Fig. no. 1.1

Cellspacing:- We can give gap between cells with the help of cellspacing.

Eg. <table cellspacing=”5px”>

yuyuFig. no. 1.2

Alignment:- We can set alignment of text into the cell with the help of align.

Eg. <td align=”center”>

Collspan:- Collspan is use for combine or join two or more columns into the table.

Eg. <td colspan=”3″ align=”center”>Jill</td>

yuyuFig. no. 1.3

 Rowspan:- Row span is use for combine or join two or more rows.with use rowspan and give the number

of rows we want to join.

Eg.<td rowspan=”3”>jill</td>

yuyuFig. no. 1.4

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