Useful CSS Tags

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CSS Tags

Css is the cascade style sheet is use for give the style to the website. Very useful way to give the design to the website with help of friendly coding.css coding is communicate with the html tags using selectors.

Its works on all web browsers and make webpages interactive and color full .

There are 5 types of selectors

Id=> denoted by(#)

class=> denoted by(.)

tags=> denoted by(tag name)

universal selector=> denoted by(*)

Like if we want to give the color to the text we have to write


It gives the colour to the text . there are three types of the css.

  1. Internal
  2. External
  3. Inline

Internal =>

Internal stylesheet is use into the page only where we write the code.internal stylesheet is written in head tag with use of style tag.




Here you can write the code of the css




External style sheet is written in a new page which save with .css extension and call into the head of the page using the <link> tag.

The main purpose of the external stylesheet is we can edit the css from one file we don’t need to open all pages.

How to include the External stylesheet??


<link href=”stylesheet_name.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>



Inline css have the highest priority its write in the tag using the style keyword.its is easy and impact only that tag where we write it .


<p style=”color:red;”>hello</p>

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