Why we use PHP ?

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PHP-DeveloperPHP appears for Hypertext Preprocessor and is a server-side development terminology.There are many factors to use PHP for server part development, first of all it is a 100 % free terminology with no certification charges so the price of using it is little. A good advantage of using PHP is that it can communicate with many different data source ‘languages’ such as MySQL. We work with MySQL at Blueline media since this is also a 100 % free terminology so it seems sensible to use PHP. Both PHP and MySQL are suitable with an Apache server which is also totally able to certificate. PHP can also run on Ms windows, Linux system and Unix web servers.

Using PHP scripting and MySQL data source allows developers to make programs that will run on just about any laptop or computer, regardless of operating system. PHP has a large number of development features to accomplish almost any process.

If the computer can run web server software, the PHP / MySQL™ application is convenient across operating-system and surroundings … PC, Mac, Linux, Unix, Windows, Lindows, Internet, Intranet, etc. This means I can create a venture on my Ms windows PC, and send it to my friend in Slovakia who can run it on his A linux systemunix box.

PHP / MySQL™ is most often used to create powerful web sites. On this web site, one program pushes about 60 pages of content. Additional programs are used here to process form data … but that too could be done through the main program using included data files.

PHP / MySQL™ tasks include boards or areas, planners, venture store programs, schedules, shopping trolleys, e-mail details, as well as useful programs. Resource rule for many free tasks is free, while innovative tasks often require a signing up fee for commercial use.

Information can be released from MySQL for use in excel spreadsheets or data source on your PC. In the same way, data living in current PC excel spreadsheets and data source can be brought in to an on the internet data source. The mobility of information reveals up all kinds of uses, especially for workgroups and for those who need to accessibility data from both home and perform.

PHP is probably the most popular scripting terminology on the web. It is used to improve web pages. If you’ve come across a website that finishes in PHP, then the writer has written some development rule to cheer up the simply, old HTML. PHP is known as a server-sided terminology. That’s because the PHP doesn’t get implemented on your pc, but on the pc you asked for the site from. The results are then passed over to you, and shown in your web browser. Other scripting ‘languages’ you may have often observed of are ASP, Python and Perl.PHP is a great option for many reasons why the PHP may be right for you or you :

  • Fast Load Time
  • Less Expensive Software
  • Less Expensive Hosting
  • Database Flexibility
  • Increased Available Programming Talent 

html-vs-phpHTML Vs PHP

If you already have a web page and are acquainted with HTML, creating the phase to PHP is simple. If reality, PHP and HTML are exchangeable within the page! While PHP might add some new functions to your website, its primary overall look is still all designed with HTML.There are two methods to use HTML on your PHP web page. The first way is to put the HTML outside of your PHP labels.You can even put it in the middle if you close and reopen the <?php -and- ?> tags. Here is an example of putting the HTML outside of the tags:


<title>HTML with PHP</title>


<h1>My Example</h1>


//your php code here


<b>Here is some more HTML</b>


//more php code




As you can see you can use any HTML you want without doing anything special or extra in your .php file, as long as it is outside of the PHP tags. The second way to use HTML with PHP is by using PRINT or ECHO. By using this method you can include the HTML inside of the PHP tags. This is a nice quick method if you only have a line or so to do. Here is an example:


Echo “<html>”;

Echo “<title>HTML with


Echo “<b>My Example</b>”;

//your php code here

Print “<i>Print works too!</i>”;


Using one or both of these methods you can easily embed HTML code in your PHP pages, to give them a nicer more formatted look, and make them more user friendly.

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