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WAMP defines  Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP The acronym WAMP refers to a set of free (open source)applications, combined with Microsoft Windows, which are commonly used in Web server environments. It comes with the GPL License.The WAMP stack provides developers with the four key elements of a Web server:  an operating system, database, Web scripting and Web server software. The combined usage of these programs is called a server stack. In server stack Microsoft Windows is the operating system (OS),Apache is the Web server, MySQL handles the database.

Apache HTTP Server:

Widely know as Apache Server is the most commonly used webserver out there. Apache is developed and managed by an start group of designers under the assistance of the Apache Software Base. It is available for wide range of operating-system like Ms windows, Mac OS X, Linux system, Unix, FreeBSD etc.


It is a relational information resource control system (RDBMS). In which information is saved by means of systems and the connection among the information is also saved by means of systems. The program operates as a server offering multi-user access a number of data resource.

MySQL is well-known for web programs and functions as the information resource part of the LAMP, BAMP, MAMP, and WAMP systems (Linux/BSD/Mac/Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP/Perl/Python), and for open-source bug monitoring resources like Bugzilla. Its reputation for use with web programs is carefully linked with the reputation of PHP and Dark red on Tracks, which are often along with MySQL.

PHP and MySQL are essential elements for operating well-known cms such as Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress and some BitTorrent trackers.


PHP initially was standing for Personal Home Page. It is a scripting terminology, initially developed for generating powerful websites. It has progressed to consist of a control line customer interface ability and can be used in separate visual programs.

The framework of PHP has been affected by C, Perl, Coffee, C++ and Python. So you may find many resemblances while using PHP, if you have experience with any of those ‘languages’.

Contents of WAMP Server Package:

  1. Apache Server
  2. MySQL
  3. PHP
  4. phpMyAdmin
  5. SQLite_Manager
  6. Zend Optimizer

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